Special Skills to Develop During Quarantine

Although many would argue that right now is a tough time to be an artist (and there may be some truth to that), this is also a great time to take a step back and work on aspects of your craft that usually get neglected. With the typical grind of classes, auditions, and making enoughContinue reading “Special Skills to Develop During Quarantine”

9 Survival Jobs that Aren’t in Retail

When it comes to survival jobs for an actor, not every opportunity is created equal. Ideally an actor could have a job with the flexibility of auditioning at unpredictable hours while making enough to support all of the classes, headshots, dental care, and the many other supplemental costs that come with this crazy career. Unfortunately,Continue reading “9 Survival Jobs that Aren’t in Retail”

Qualities of Successful College Audition Monologues

Besides your drive and personality, monologue selection is one of the most important aspects of your college audition package. The right material could put you head and shoulders above everyone else in the expansive pool of applicants. Along with presenting yourself in the best light, the monologues you pick will tell the auditioners a lotContinue reading “Qualities of Successful College Audition Monologues”