Productive Ways to Advance Your Career Over Quarantine

With everyone cooped up at home it can be hard to figure out what the next step is in your career. While the world is at a standstill, it is important that you are not. Continuing to educate and better yourself will not only help you as a person but as an artist as well. No matter where your career left off when schools and productions shut down and we were urged to not go out, there are still many ways to advance your career from the comfort of your own home.

Create a Road Map

Use your time at home to create a clear 5-10 year plan for your career. Open a word document and write out your goals and dreams for your acting career. Once you have that done, figure out what steps need to be taken to get there. Get super creative and specific when you do this and you might find new ways to advance your career once the world opens back up. In the future, use your list as a rough guide but don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t following it exactly. Things happen for a reason and your plans might change. No matter what the future holds, I couldn’t hurt to think ahead while you’re stuck at home and plan the ideal path that your life could take.

Make a Wish List

If your in the mood for a little research, this is a great project for you. Do some brainstorming and write out the people who have your top 10 dream careers. Deep dig on the internet and figure out how they started, where they’ve studied, and who their first agent and manager were. Once you have this information find ways that your careers have paralleled and what you can do to achieve what they have achieved. Maybe send a package to the agent or audition for the school that they attended. Just F.Y.I. don’t plan your career completely off of someone else’s. Everyone has a different path and process. This project is just a good way to start brainstorming options for your future.

Work on a Monologue or Some Sides Every Day

If you could carve even an hour out of your day to work on your craft, you would be doing your future self a huge favor. Set aside the time to memorize and perfect a monologue or scene so that you are not rusty when production resumes. You could also take this option further and work with a friend or two holding each other accountable and working on sides with each other. This could be a great opportunity to not only amp up your.acting game but also keep in touch with friends in the process.

Learn the Tone of Every Show Filming in Your Area

This recommendation is mostly aimed at people who live in a hub like NYC, LA, or Atlanta. If you are in need of a binge, why not use your TV time to be productive. Research and make a list of all the upcoming shows filming in your area and watch an episode of each one to get a feel for the tone and style. If you’re feeling really productive, you could even chart this all down in journal for future reference. Not only could you find your new favorite show but you will now be better equipped for any last minute audition that comes your way.

Get in Shape

While Netflix may be calling you to your next three hour binge session (don’t get me wrong, these are very important) why not use your time a little more productively. Pop something on the TV and get to work stretching, planking, and lunging. You could also take a nightly jog if you are in need of some fresh air. If you’re looking for a little more of a challenge try this free online workout program or another workout video series. It has a variety of different options for everyone ranging from 12-30+ day challenges depending on your commitment. No matter which approach you take, keeping up your fitness is a great way to be productive and sculpt an audition-ready body while you’re stuck at home.

Take Advantage of the Free Online Resources

Many prominent acting studios are offering free online workshops or weekly classes until they go back to in-person classes. Taking advantage of these can help you stay sharp and keep learning even when you can’t be in a physical class. If you are someone who doesn’t live in an acting hub like NYC or LA, this also offers the opportunity to try some classes you otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. One places that is currently offering free online programming is The Barrow Group. While that resources is a good place to start, I encourage you to look around for more opportunities and seize every chance you can find to keep networking and growing as an artist.

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